Luck O' The Irish: Harrington Wins British Open

Luck O' The Irish: Harrington Wins British Open

It's safe believed he's competent and that the 2001 U.S. Open won't go down among the of the all-time best majors. It's still an important major. And Monday offered the potential for one man to erase a Van de Velde-ian stigma that would have cast him within an ignominious lineup alongside the likes of Doug Sanders, Scott Hoch and Hubert Green.


First came a fist-pumping charge by Tiger Woods, who erased a seven-shot deficit in nine holes only search flat for the back nine. Then came the stunning collapse of 21-year-old Rory McIlroy, who put his name in Masters lore for all the wrong reasons.


The Pacquiao Double Standard will be with us, just like a plague, using the rest of Megamanny's career and into his retirement from the ring years, unfortunately. Disgusting the way it is considered.


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While it is really possible to second guess one's decisions they were pleasantly surprised fact, most professionals agree that sportschool nijmegen Velde's decisions that day will stop working as one of the many biggest blunders in golf history. Along with a three shot lead sportschool nijmegen Velde only needed to make a double bogey 6 increase the Claret Jug. His first decision were hit driver off the tee. In the time, the tv commentators couldn't believe he was not playing it safe by hitting an iron there's lots of tee stay clear of the Barry Burn.


His final putt from 20 feet curled in the side in the cup to get a 6-under 66, the best closing round at the Masters in 22 years. It gave the 26-year-old South African a two-shot victory over Australians Adam Scott and Jason Day.


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